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tudod, mi a légtelenítő szelep?


Air Release Valves are an indispensable part of many industrial systems, especially for the pumping systems. As we all know that pumps are widely used in hydraulic systems to blow the gases or liquids. No matter what, the air release valve is usually placed on the end of a pumping system so as to release air conveniently and effectively. In most cases, the air is blow out which the solids and other matter are kept still in the system.

Vacuum Relief Valves

Typically speaking, the location of the Vacuum Relief Valves is taken under the careful consideration of characteristics of the air. It is certain that air typically rises in fluids such as water or liquid waste. As a result, the top of the pipe or something else is convenient for the air to escape from the pumping system. Therefore, the efficiency has been greatly assured.

Referring to the specifications, it is true that this valve can be made in all sizes and shapes so as to meet various requirements. And they are classified into some main types. Generally speaking, the one called air vacuum valve is the most common type. This type features by the inside float mechanism. And it is also possible to combine air release and air and vacuum valve to take effects. It is called the combination valve. It is the single unit. It is more stable and versatile indeed. All these types of the air release valve are used to provide benefits to the development of the whole industrial process.

As the air release valve has greatly and virtually improved the flow of the fluids and materials in many systems. Mostly importantly, it effectively solves the problem of "water hammer". The banging of the pipes can be effectively avoided. Besides, these types of the air release valves are preferred from the economic consideration.

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